We’re truly proud to be an advocating partner with The Last Prisoner Project. When starting this brand we wanted to support a cause that contributed to fundamental social change and positivity within and beyond the cannabis industry.
Working alongside The Last Prisoner Project, we’re excited to support their mission on cannabis reform and change for the betterment of all. 


What is the Last Prisoner Project?
The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization that is committed to release the cannabis prisoners and rebuild their lives by providing them with a dignified reentry into the society. 
Legal intervention, public awareness and advocacy are the greatest weapons in this fight against injustice.
There are over 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the USA and LPP pledges to not stop until each and every one of them gets the freedom they deserve. 


When Was the Last Prisoner Project Founded?
The Last Prisoner Project was founded in 2019 by Steve De Angelo, fondly known as, “The father of the legal cannabis industry”. 
Steve alongside his brother Andrew, carry a rich history of cannabis reform. 
The Last Prisoner Project founder, Steve De Angelo addresses himself an activist who seek justice by advocating for human rights around the world. 

How Has Flyers Cocktail Co. Partnered with The Last Prisoner Project?
Flyers has a vision to be much more than a cocktail brand. Founded by cannabis enthusiasts, Damon, Lewie and Miles, team Flyers is committed to bring a revolution in the cannabis industry. 
We aspire to unravel a whole new era of responsible CBD cocktails which favors the community at large. 
Flyers’s idea of guilt-free freedom, coincides with the vision of the last prisoner project founder, which is to make this world a better place for cannabis enthusiasts and prisoners.


What is the need for social reform?
After years of struggle and suffering, the cannabis industry has finally found its freedom. 
With this collaboration, Flyers is committed to shape a more equitable society which is powerful and strong in all forms. 
Through the vision of Flyers’ core team and the last prisoner project founder, the world shall be a more respectable place for all those who have been oppressed for long. 
Furthermore, Flyers will not only use its platform to raise awareness around LPP and advocate the work that they’re doing but will also donate a portion of monthly revenue to charity. 
The idea is simple, growing together with the community and taking pride in being a part of one. 
Stronger, together.